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Rack Exchanger is dedicated to the sale and resale of used pallet racking, used cantilever racks, and many other types of used industrial racks. We resell bulk racks, pallet racks, cantilever racks, flow racks, and stack racks throughout the nation. When your company is finished using your industrial racking system, or if you shut down a distribution center, we represent you to find a buyer for the used racks. With the Rack Exchanger system, sellers enjoy a high sales price for a better return on investment. Buyers save significantly in comparison to new industrial rack prices. Buyers recognize this win-win scenario and look to Rack Exchanger to help them save money on projects involving used industrial racking.

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Who Buys Used Pallet Racks?

Rack Exchanger does! Pallet Racks and other industrial racks, when properly maintained, can last many, many years. In addition, most of these racks are assembled and used indoors for their entire lifespan, which protects them from the elements and potential rusting. Since they can be used for so many years, they are a great candidate for resale. Many companies close plants or distribution centers. This creates a need for those companies to sell the assets of the distribution center or plant at the highest possible value. Meanwhile, many other companies may be adding a facility or trying to achieve higher density storage within an existing facility. Whatever their needs are, Rack Exchanger can help both parties save money in the transaction.

Used Pallet Rack Systems are much cheaper than similar New Rack Systems. For many rack buyers, pricing is the ultimate driver. As the saying goes "A penny saved is a penny earned", well, that is the same case for companies. Every dollar saved when purchasing used racks instead of new racks goes straight to the bottom line and improves profitability for your company. Additionally, if your company needs to sell some used racking, selling the used racking through Rack Exchanger provides you with a much higher sales value and ROI than going the traditional route of selling you Used Racking for scrap value.

Rack Exchanger Provides the Following Services and More:

Sell Used Pallet Rack - Also referred to as "Selective Pallet Rack" or "Selective Rack" , this standard form of pallet rack is the most common version of pallet storage. This type of pallet racking system can be easily assembled and disassembled as needed. The term "selective" is used because every single pallet space in a pallet rack system is accessible by forklift, and each pallet can be selected or loaded to or from a specific location.

Sell Used Bulk Rack - Bulk Racks are are a storage option that can generally be loaded and unloaded by a human. Bulk Rack is used extensively in tool cribs or in supply businesses where access to small, but often heavy item storage is needed. Many companies may need Bulk Racks for Stroage of heavy items. Bulk Racks can also be used to hold smaller boxes, parts storage bins, or for the bulk storage of documents. Bulk Storage Racks can be made of plastic or metal, but they are most commonly made of metal.

Sell Used Cantilever Rack - Cantilever Racks are racks for large, industrial materials. The cantilever rack consists of a base, upright, upright support, and arms. Cantilever racks are unique in that the arms are supported on only one side of the rack. The unsupported side of the rack is open, which allows for the storage of long, bulky materials. This allows a fork truck operator to insert long materials that will hang over the edges of each Cantilever Rack Support Arm. Cantilever Racks are great tool to help organize a warehouse, lumber yard or manufacturing facility.

Sell Used Flow Rack - Flow Racks , or Carton Flow Racks are used to provide a FIFO method for accessing smaller materials. In general, humans load and unload the flow rack systems. Cartons or totes are placed in the flow rack from the back, The cartons can then roll down a bed of rollers until it is stopped by the front of the rack or by another box. Generally, dividers can be used to separate the used flow rack into rows. The flow rack dividers prevent boxes from overlapping.

Sell Used Push-Back Rack - Push Back Pallet Rack Systems allow for high-density, last-in, first-out storage of pallets or crates. Pallets are placed by forklift on nested carts riding on inclined rails, or rollers, where it remains until it is "pushed back" by subsequent pallet loading. When unloading the push back rack, the forklift takes out the front pallet, allowing the pallets behind it to roll to the front of the rack, where they remain until the rack is unloaded or another pallet is placed into the rack.

Sell Drive-In Rack - Drive-In Racks and Drive-Thru Racks are a nice, high-density storage option that can be used in many situations. Primarily, companies will be interested in using a drive in racking system because it is cost effective and stores significantly more material than standard pallet racking. A drive-in rack is immediately recognizable in that forklifts actually enter into the structure to place and remove materials.

Sell Pallet Flow Rack - Pallet Flow Rack is a high-density storage option that allows FIFO inventory storage of pallet sized shipping and storage units. A series of rollers and brakes then guide the pallet down the lane until the pallet is stopped by the another pallet or the front of the rack. When a pallet needs to be unloaded from the rack, a forlift comes to the front of the rack, removes the first available pallet, and all remaining pallets slide forward.

Sell Stack Racks - Stack racks are usually composed of a metal pallet-style base and either uprights or an upright frame assembly. When the stack rack uprights are separate, they can generally be removed from the base and layed horizontally, which creates a very compact storage method when the racks are empty or are being shipped. Some stack racks do not have removable posts or uprights, but instead, have a frame that allows compatible racks to be stacked in a staggered manner.

Sell Racking Components - We can also sell used racking components, such as racking uprights, rack arms, bases, beams, beds, wire decking, flow rack rollers, support bars, and upright supports. Basically - anything that goes with an industrial racking system can potentially be sold through Rack Exchanger.